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"Process could not have been easier.  Great communication and information." -Rebecca C of Stow, MA


"When I first decided to do placenta encapsulation I searched around and researched local places/people who could do the process for me. Birch Moon Mama (Patti) was the best one I found! She was local but willing to travel if needed. She answered every question I had (& I had many) and ultimately made the experience hassle-free. After giving birth the last thing I wanted to worry about was my placenta but she took care of everything & showed up a few days later with my pills, meeting me in the lobby of the hospital. It was so worry free & honestly 1 of the best decisions I've made!" -Nicole G of Leominster, MA


"It was so easy during a very busy time. You (Birch Moon Mama) were very helpful" -Kristin D of Westminster, MA


"I would do it again in a heartbeat" - Rebecca L of Fitchburg, MA

"The balance that I felt after my delivery was amazing.  The minimal cost was 100% worth it!" -Marissa S of Westminster, MA


"I had my first child 3 months ago. Prior to his birth (and, yes, even prior to his conception) I researched everything. I felt well prepared for it all, except postpartum. The women in my family seemed to really struggle with this period after birth with each of their babies. I worried about what support I would have for postpartum. After hearing about Patti, her business "Birch Moon Mama", and doing a little research, I decided that placenta encapsulation resonated with me and my upcoming birth. This decision had a huge, positive impact on my postpartum care. I often referenced to this time period as "Wonderland" because of the insecurity within the beauty of the journey. I received my capsules 48 hours after birth, and started taking them immediately.  I noticed a change within 24 hours of the my first dose, it was as if the fog cleared, and I was able to think clearer. I felt my energy increase as well as my milk supply, ultimately resulting in decreased stress. I would never go through "Wonderland" without the capsules by my side.  Patti made the placenta encapsulation easily understood and highly accessible. She's very professional and knowledgeable about the process, she answered all of my questions quickly, leaving me with no doubt in my decision. I also have a beautiful cord keepsake and placenta prints to admire long after the capsules have run out. I highly recommend Placenta Encapsulation, and specifically Birch Moon Mama, to all of my expecting friends. It is worth every penny." -Sandra S of Leominster, MA


"I think I had a great postpartum experience, especially considering the c section recovery. I also had an easy time with breastfeeding-no issue supply." -Meghan H of Leominster, MA

"I've experienced pretty much all of the benefits from the placenta encapsulation. I'm so happy I decided to do it! I had so much energy, I slept great, my milk supply was (and still is) abundant, and didn't feel emotional as most mom's do postpartum. I will most definitely do this again!" - Kelly C of Fitchburg, MA


"I loved that you delivered the capsules to the hospital. I hardly remember it because I was so sleep deprived, but I know that it was so nice to not have to even worry about how to get the placenta to you, and then how to get the capsules afterwards. It was all just such a simple process, and the less I have to worry about is always a plus!"   -Alison L of Fitchburg, MA


"The cost was absolutely worth it. This helped me through the first 8 weeks of having a new baby!  I'm typically a very emotional person and I felt that these pills really helped me maintain a good balance mentally and emotionally"                            -Wendy S of Westminster, MA


"I would do it again in a heart beat. My baby is 5 months old and I still take my pills if I need a boost in energy or if I feel overwhelmed with everything around me. The pills help me focus. I say if you're on the fence it's better to have them and not need them, then need them and not have them. It's a small investment for piece of mind."      -Tammi H of Grafton, MA